A vegetarian restaurant for over 20 years, Tripti Kulai is happy to welcome you 2 blocks away from the Place de la Comedie. Just push the door: welcome in a colourful and fulfilling universe in the very centre of Montpellier.

One of the rare 100% vegetarian restaurants of the region, Tripti Kulai’s motto is to take care of you. That is why we serve you every day the best products.

For us, food is also wellbeing: a meal is a moment of peace and sharing when young and elders, residents and visitors from the whole world gather.

Our menu offers gourmet, well balanced dishes, to please your eyes as well as your papillae.

Dressed in saris, the Indian traditional garment, your hostesses will attend you with delicious homemade dishes composed of fresh products.

Our vegetarian restaurant offers you many savoury dishes and a plat du jour from a very large selection of vegetarian dishes from the whole world. We bake our desserts every day with less sugar but lots of love for you, and they are so yummy that you won’t notice the complete absence of sugar in our very popular apple pie or our gluten free extremely “fondant” chocolate cake and crumble with vegan curd…..

You are not vegetarian?  Because of our well thought menus, you will still appreciate our food and your body will receive all the proteins it needs. Give yourself a chance to be surprised: you will discover new savours that will make you forget your regular food habits. Believe us, you will not miss meat!

Healthy food

Homemade desserts, Vegan and gluten free,Take away, All the food is 100% homemade.

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A happy team

We are happy to welcome you
and to wait on you in our restaurant, Enjoy our healthy cuisine.

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Close to Place de la Comedie

We are open from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00 pm
and from 6:00 to 10:00pm

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